Who is a leader? Does it ever occur to you that not necessarily you have to be a boss to be a leader? How many good leaders you’ve ever met? What were the qualities you like the most in their demeanor? Do you think that a leader is more effective than a boss is? So many questions! Well, let’s discuss these questions one by one. Now, think about the person who is a perfect leader in your eyes. Do you think this person is more efficient in conveying their point to you than any of bosses? To be honest, if I put myself in your shoes then I would say that, for me a boss is someone who commands and a leader is someone who shows how to get a job done. The one who lead by example: You must have heard about those people who are apple of their group’s eye. People love them for no apparent reason and want to socialize with them more. Try and notice the behavior of such people. Are they bossy or if they are submissive? Whether they are dominant on others or if they are accommodating enough? Well, one thing you’d notice in such people that they are quite active when it comes to personal leadership. Means, these are the people who’ll never shy away when it comes to run errands or complete chores to organize any social event or community service. They are always available to provide support or help to their peer group whenever required. To cut a long story short, people mostly look up at those who are full of the qualities of personal leadership. Someone who’d do something first and then inspire people to follow his step. Such quality is important for any operational manager to become a leader. The one, who know the way, goes the way and thus shows the way: Being a manager, it is always your duty to make peace with all the things going awry or to tone down all the praise happening around the shop floor. With all these tedious tasks, you are also supposed to give boost and set good examples for your team members. Unless it is you showing integrity, commitment, and diligence in your work, you cannot make your team to follow these examples.

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