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Success comes to those who sync themselves with their surrounding and care for the feedbacks they receive. Whenever people ask me that what the key to success in sales field is, I always say, “Listen carefully.” When it comes to making any profit in existing market, always remember that it is not easy. It will happen post you’ll submit completely to the task and think from your customers shoe all the time. Here, it is not implied that we are talking about something very difficult to master but again, sales like any other business field, has its own learning curve. Once you’re through your learning curve, you’ll master it. In order to sell our product, sometimes we become so desperate and pushy that we sideline the fine details. It is a fact that we shouldn’t ignore the call of industry and the customer requirement. We have to respect the requirement which is being extended to us and then we can decide the course of action to sell our product. So, what can be done, if you want to become the sales champion? There are three techniques I’ve
always applied in my endeavors and here, we will discuss about those.
Lend your ears genuinely: As I’ve said earlier in this article, selling the product is not about us! It is always about the customer. It is not an acceptable practice to always go about your ideas, your presentations, and sales strategies on the meeting table, instead make it more your prospective clients and target market. Talk more to your customers, take a genuine opinion, and be open for the feedback. By the time, we don’t open ourselves to the feedbacks, we cannot really improve, hence listen genuinely. While trying to make sales, we generally follow our agenda so desperately that we ignore every other thing and push it so hard that the deal becomes null and void. Refrain from it and try to understand that how your product can meet the needs, wants and expectation of your customer or target market Pushing doesn’t help. Let them come around: Chasing your sales agenda might lead you to some sales meetings. You might end up meeting your future clients and here you can present your ideas too but would that work? This question is not here to intimidate you but just do a little self-analysis here. What would you do if someone is trying to talk you out in their idea? If someone is trying to sell their product to you would you take the person to be a genuine one? I don’t think so. Rather, you should present
them with your product in a simple, concise, and truthful manner. Let them come around the idea. Ask for their requirements and expectations: Finally, you are there when you have to make your final move. You have listened to them about their product experience, have presented your product in a non-pushy manner, and now just ask them, that what is that they want in a product? Do not just assume that what you are selling is what they want. Ask them about their expectations an now try to relate your product to their requirements. Bear the fact in mind that successful selling is not about you or your product selling skills but it is always about the target clients and meeting their requirements. Customer centricity is and should be the thumb rule of service industry.

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