Working is an art, making money is an art, business is the best art to reach the above two.

Working is an art, making money is an art, business is the best art to reach the above two. 

Once upon a time, there were two labours, working elbow-deep on a construction site, crashing stones for the building foundation. A wise man reached up to them and asked same question to both of them, separately, “What are you doing my friend?” 

I know that all of us kind of know the story and the answers delivered by the two labours and finally you are sure what we trying to prove here, right? Well, yes to all of that. Yes, we are going to discuss the same conclusions but have faith, we are doing it with a twist. 

So, coming back to the story, upon hearing the question, first man said, “What are you? Blind? Can’t you see that I am crashing the stones? There is a foundation waiting to be laid. I better hurry up.” This is rational and rhetorical however somewhat uncalled for. 

On the other hand, the second labor man answered to this wise man that, “You see the land? We, are going to create history. World is going to witness most magnificent man-made wonder on that land. I am assisting the crew”. This sounds great however, typically extravagant. 

My point is that work is always an art. We can be dedicated, passionate, or psyched about our work all the time but one thing should remain in our priority list that the endgame should always be money. Lots and lots of money. 

To work is to deploy your talents to reap out the maximum benefits you can, out of the whole situation. 

Always bear the fact in mind that you should be the person who is supposed to be benefitted with your hard work in the first place and rest of the world can take the second seat. Making money is a fine art for those who knew that their work is a piece of art! 

Those who believe that businessmen are true world leader are actually on the right track. The world revolves around money and business is the best way to create jobs and to make money. Good businessmen not only create wealth for themselves but also encourage a lot of people to follow their vision and add hands in their venture, ultimately bringing money in picture.

If we look at the bigger picture, then we would find that in times like these, business is the tool to bring people together and drive them in the right direction to become useful for the society. The concept of giving back to the society can become easier if we can introduce a little money for such noble cause. 

“A good business deal done is a day lived worthwhile for some of us”. 

The single idea of a viable business can lead many lives on a track and provide few families with a good life. People who are good at their work should always come forward and take the front seat in every such venture since crowd in general is very moving about the vision which helps them getting a job which would pay their bills and provide them with future security. 

The most important factor is that whosoever said that money cannot buy happiness, never actually knew where to go shop or what to shop! 

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