I run my business and Life, Fearless. I am Opesh Singh and I am unstoppable. If you want to be Successful in life then be unstoppable.

I run my business and Life, Fearless. I am Opesh Singh and I am unstoppable. If you want to be Successful in life then be unstoppable.

Well begin is half done.

Your life is your own personal story and you can make it work out the way you want for it to be. I am Opesh Singh, the founder of Opesh group. Today, when I have an established business house named after me, I can say that if you dream big, chase them, and work hard tirelessly in order to make your dreams come true, then it is bound to happen. 

How actually dream would come true.

Most of the readers would think that does it mean that if I start dreaming about owning a big, luxurious house and a happy life so would I be getting that. Is it that simple or easy? Just like that! Well….this expression is not very new to me, when we talk something like dreams coming true, then we deal with such suspicions all along. It’s just that we conveniently the whole sentence and focus on dreams coming true part. 

See this way; if you want to see your dreams coming true part then you have to consider the chasing your dreams by working hard tirelessly part very seriously before anything else.  Let’s take an example over here, say there is a guy named Bill, and he is in sales. Bill is an ordinary salesman with average communication skills. Despite of the fact the product is really good and there are other salesmen in the house who are very good at selling it, he is always lagging behind his fortnightly targets. Irony of the situation is that Bill always longs to win the “Star Performer Award”!  Now, slowly he receives the feedback that he should work upon his communication and presentation skills and he might be able to crack it. 

Now, in the above paragraph, if Bill only focuses upon the part where he is being promised to make more sales and does nothing about self-improvement then it will lead him nowhere. However if he takes the advice of improving himself seriously and either join some course or get in touch with some expert to groom himself and be religious about it then there is doubt that he will make it work and would achieve his goal. 

To achieve long term goals, define it with many short term goals. 

Sometimes, we plan way ahead of time and since we can see this from end to end therefore we do not even see the obstacles which might or might not come in the way. For an example, you want for your startup to grow big time and lead the local market. 

As simple as it sound, only the start-up owners would understand that it is not at all a simple thing to achieve. But again, this doesn’t really mean that your start-up cannot grow this much. Start with simple yet innovative tactics. Follow classis sales trends, approach prospective clients with good spirit, try to talk them into closing the deal, work upon the project, deliver, sustain, and repeat. 

Once again, the above mentioned strategy is not simple, you have to break your master plan into several small term goals, such as finalizing the deal first, laying down the project progression and completion strategy in action and so on. 

Just remember to make it one at a time thing, i.e. achieve one short term goal first, and then move ahead and repeat. Slowly, your commitment would pull you forward and you’d end up winning projects after projects. See this is simple rule, effective deliverance is the key factor in order to become successful. 

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